Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

I came across this guy when checking out the flowering shrubs along the west edge of the north field. Just beyond the edge the ground slopes steeply into the gulch and I spotted some white flowers. Worked my way closer and took some photos with the cell phone. It appears to be some kind of azalea, the closest I found was Rhododendron viscosum, swamp azalea. The location, a few feet above the bottom of the gulch, should be wet enough. But, of course, close comparison with the images I found don't match up. The flowers and leaves are certainly similar. Later on, in the winter I took some more photos with a bigger camera, but none of the azalea sites had winter images. I did find a book on winter identification of trees, but it didn't have azalea. The key led me to tulip poplar, but the flowers are wrong for that.


Rhododendron viscosum (L.) Torr.

Swamp azalea, Clammy azalea, Cory azalea, Hammock sweet azalea

Ericaceae (Heath Family)


Native Status: L48 (N) From