Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

The central forest is the largest contiguous area of trees.  It is on a slope from east to west, bordered on the east by the edge of the woods and gentling of the slope to less than 3 degrees.  The south border is the golf course subdivision lots, which slope from south down to meet the fence.  The lower pond is the western boundary and the northern boundary is the trace of an old access road/path to get to the dam and spillway.  A trace I need to clear in order to bring the big rocks down that the spillway needs.

The area was regularly brush-hogged up until 1999 and the result is a full canopy of 40 to 60 year  old mature trees and a fair amount of saplings under 16 years old but nothing in the the 15 to 40 age range.

There are scattered multiflora roses, but much worse are the bush honeysuckle, invading in numbers the past 15 years and choking out the undergrowth in the upper or eastern part of the central woods.  Also a couple instances a winter creeper attacking trees in the middle of it.