Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

Art objects are those which have no practical use while craft objects always have some practical use.  Once in while, not as often as I'd like, a craft project is well enough done that it might be considered art.

Note that in my book, things that a person wears or plays with or otherwise handles has just that as a practical use -- to be worn or played with.  "Art" objects are only there to be looked at, perhaps touched or heard, but what one does with an art object is enjoy being in its presence.  

One can certainly juggle Ming vases, but what's the point?  To shock people?  OK, that's a valid reason, but I don't think that juggling performance would be more some kind of political, religious or philosophical statement rather than art

There is no such thing as Art, just artists and the things they make, to paraphrase something I recall reading.  There is today, however, the career or job title of Artist, usually the product of a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree program at some university.  An MFA is training for making useless things -- or rather, things whose use is to be appreciated, hopefully with money.