Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

As a permaculture factor, when the workshop is a standalone building, it's a landscape feature to be studied in terms of how it relates to the plants growing around it. As a human use artifact in the environment, there are some basic requirements, such as keeping the organic material away from the walls and keeping the area of ground immediately next to the walls essentially clear of vegetation. Depends on the kind of wall, but all walls eventually succumb to too much English Ivy, or in my case wintergreen.  And tree roots will eventually buckle the concrete slab if they are too close and get too big.

To implement a permaculture design, various kinds of tools will be needed over time and a reasonably well equipped workshop certainly makes taking care of them easier. Do you sharpen your shovels periodically? If you have to dig, a clean and sharp shovel if much more efficient at getting the hole dug.