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Bush Honeysuckle control

Bush Honeysuckle control

Cleared the bush honeysuckle, a couple rose, poison ivy and some winter creeper in a zone about five feet around the base of the Mother Oak. Still plenty of other understory plants coming up. Ground covers can stay, but bushes go to edges, want most of the South side open, wood chips and very low ground cover.

Working on eradicating bush honeysuckle. This set of photos is the work done east of the east deck and around the base of the Mother Oak.
Where they were small enough to come out by the roots, I pulled them. Some I dug a bit and pulled. But the huge ones, more than an inch or two diameter at soil line, I cut and immediately applied roundup 18 % with a syringe, being careful to limit the liquid to the fresh cut areas. About 1cc per root clump.

Update the next April. Mostly worked. One of the stumps came back vigorously, most of the others died.

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