Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

Location of the place

Location of the place

Close to the center of the country, population wise. A bit to the east of center geographically.

The ecological environment includes the local geography -- terrain, topography, and human presence as well as the plants and animals found in the area.

In this part of the center of the continent, the terrain is mostly gently rolling hills to mostly level plains with the major topographical feature being the Missouri River and the area it drains.  

The art garden forest is located just north of the river where it bends around the oldest hills on the continent, the Ozark Plateau.  The vast forest area from the eastern coast of the continent begins to taper off into the plains a hundred miles or so to the west and north of this neighbourhood.  The animals and plants inhabiting this bio region are mostly native to the eastern part of the continent, but a few natives from the west make their home here also.

And of course, the people who started living in this area a couple hundred years ago now have established habitations and many other concrete, steel and plastic items that are now part of the ecology.

Most of the images in this section started life as screen captures and are assumed to be public domain.  I suppose I could claim copyright on my annotations, but I don't see any point in that, so the annotations and diagrams in this section are public domain also.

Going forward, however I will be using an annotated google map that has layers to show my observations, evaluations,  design concepts, and work.