Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

These maps and diagrams are from my initial attempts to work out the permaculture design  of Redwoodtwig Art Garden Studios(RAGS). I have not attended any of the many schools with excellent programs in how to go about doing a permaculture design for a property; however, . there are also many excellent books and some very good online resources from which I am learning.  Plus doing a great deal more wandering around the place with my eyes more open for every chapter I read.

At the present time, the pages below contain mostly preliminary estimates or surveys.  I review these pages every once in a while and update them as needed, and as time allows.

The original permaculture design concepts as developed and taught by Bill Mollison were targeted at "at least a hundred acres that you inherited from your grandparents." I attended a workshop by him in the early 80's and that was his response to a question from a fellow student about how small a property permaculture principles could be applied to. Since then there have been many books and schools and successful projects targeted at all sizes of yards, gardens or farms. A google search on the word permaculture provides plenty of material.  Restoring the health of the soil is going to take many years, so these chronicles may take a while to complete.