Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

In an ecological approach to a garden, the general factors are the aspects of the location other than flora and fauna.  Factors such as topography, sunlight, rain, wind, soil and so forth.  Zones are used in permaculture to make the job possible: divide the property into zones that help distribute the human work effort to nurse the ecology in the direction desired.  Zone 1 is where the most daily gardening work will take place and should be close to the house and zone 5 is places where nature is doing 99% of the work effort.

The chapters below are observations and evaluations of various factors that involve the entire property, or a factor that is relevant to several areas.

Many of the images in this section started life as screen captures and are assumed to be public domain.  I suppose I could claim copyright on my annotations, but I don't see any point in that, so the annotations and diagrams in this section are public domain also.

I'm trying out various ways of presenting information, one of which will be using an annotated google map that has layers to show some of my observations, evaluations,  design concepts, and work.