The Garden Book - Redwoodtwig

Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

In order to get to know my plant neighbours better, I've organized the property into the 30 neighbourhoods named in the area folders below. The numbering system is used to facilitate the collection of information about a few of my friends, mostly the rooted ones, who live on this property with me.  

In other words, these folders contain the photographic part of a database system for establishing and maintaining a permaculture oriented (edible) forest garden. Details about the data part of the database system and my current implementation are in Permaculture Process under Record.

Each area folder contains one or more folders or photo galleries in which features, or local communities within a neighbourhood. Most of these features have a tree or group of trees that form the anchor of that local plant community or guild. A guild is a group of plants that mutually support each other, and in many cases, produce some kind of human desired harvest or aesthetic value as a bonus.

Not all features are primarily plants, though. Since this forest garden is also a home to some humans, their presence and structures have to be considered a part of the (permaculture) environment.  There are also a number of animal residents and passers-through who contribute to the dynamic of the ecosystem.

Confession:  I've lived on this property since 1999, but until 2014 had not really made a determined effort to find out what nature was actually doing here.  I did plant trees, more from a traditional landscaping point of view than any ecological awareness or planning.  I've never liked chemical control, and I've always liked diversity and a nice dense forest.  This garden book is not a complete work, in fact at this point there are a great many areas that are not well covered at all.  Please bear with me, dear reader, as it may be another 15 years before this garden book is reasonably complete.  Feel free to ask me questions or make comments through the form at the bottom of each page.