Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

The galleries in this folder catalog the art objects available for sale or trade at Redwoodtwig Art Garden Studios (RAGS) and Nature Center when the art gallery is open.

The theme of the RAGS art gallery is art as a non-functional object that induces some level of natural pleasure in the person encountering it.  Sight, touch, sound, perhaps smell,  whatever senses the person uses in the encounter.  No other use, other than perhaps a bit of assistance in dropping into a state of mindful flow. A warning should not be necessary, nonetheless, do keep in mind that if encountering an art object induces tranquility, that can interfere with current mental, emotional and spiritual storms.

Epoxy is plastic and is part of the fossil fuel industry.  It currently costs around $100 the two parts of a gallon kit.  Collecting wood is also part of the fossil fuel industry -- power for the electric chainsaw uses oil based power plant to charge the battery; and more electric is used in the shaping of things.  The various metal swivels, hooks, chain and wire are also products that use power to make as well as to ship them here from most often China.

Most of the copper wire comes from what was going to be discarded after a house wiring job, as do most of the lumber type woods coming from waste after house building.