Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

What record keeping is needed for a permaculture project?  How detailed do the records need to be?  For that matter, how are the records going to be used?  

I have been doing panoramas for a few years and I've found that the best image for seeing what's actually growing there is a rectilinear panorama of about 100 degrees, 3 shots at 24mm with a carefully set compass heading will allow me to map the view on a map tool such as Google Earth, of just PS layers on an aerial photo. Simple mechanical hardware, such as the now antique version of Nodal Ninja that I have, or very sophisticated computer driven hardware, such as the GigaPan EPIC, allow you to insure you have no parallax errors. But since these inventory panoramas will always be shot from the same place and same compass heading, any parallax errors will only occur when the overlap area contains both near and distant objects and for the most part I've found all the stitching software handles those well enough. Movement of branches due to wind will be more noticeable, but not enough to make tree identification impossible. This is one of the lower pond I made in 2006, 2 rows of 12 images, probably about 100 degree field of view.

The gigapan interface allows you to zoom in quite a bit, but I've found that the image is clearest not quite fully zoomed in.

icestormpanoChewy copy
permanent OP marker