Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

Permaculture resources (The links worked the last time I looked at them.)

Authors and books

Bill Mollison's site

education and training
Geoff Lawton's stuff
global level  member as redwoodtwig@gmail, but haven't yet added project (couldn't do it first time around).  Doesn't seem to be all that active, but certainly is global.  Place to list projects and events, courses, etc.
tropical food forest, australia.  Geoff Lawton, 7 years or so in one video, shows how he did it, more or less.

master's degree program!

another attempt to corrolate work amongst permculturists.  Temperate climate.  planning to incorporate data from volume II of edible forest gardens.  Costs to join, but can join for free if continue to post stuff.  Has a wiki.

permaculture activist

targeted at africa, has a lot of excellent posters on all kinds of things to support doing gardening or landscaping 

  australian overall site

Tools and techniques
gardening tools  cabool, mo  tough hoes and racks, good for dealing with bush honey suckle, etc.
using a mini-excavator

swales marking contour
terrible video, bad audio; but good explanation anyway

swales: Aussie with lots of links and stuff

maps and GIS data


edible plants

 intro level plant education

non-timber forest products look up database for uses

tree inventory software

trees of England

trees of USA

general ecology  lots of articles, reasonably well illustrated

california non-profit funded project

page of links on

alphabetical list of ecology links

midwest specific  plant index by canopy position; blogs

plant sources

land trusts

This one is different from ORLT, called Greenbelt Land Trust of Mid-Missouri, 
Greenbelt Land Trust of Mid-Missouri
PO Box 144
Columbia, MO 65205-0144

Phone: (573) 442-5827

standards and practices

work exchanges
association of organic farms and farm workers  WWOOFers

circle calculator -- given circumference, get diameter (2r)