Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

Evaluation is the process of assigning value to current conditions.

What are the kinds of values that are relevant to an edible art forest garden?

Edible values:  Does this plant community provide nutritious or delicious things to eat?

      For humans?

      For other insects, animals, or other plants?

Art Values:  Are there any views of this plant community that evoke a positive emotional response from a human viewer?  Aroma, texture, shade, etc.

Forest Values:  Is this a healthy plant community?  Will it be healthy 5, 10, 20, 50 years in the future?

Garden Values:  What level of human intervention is required to sustain this plant community in health and to produce the expected edibles or other "crop"?

Mostly evaluation, but some design comments, too

evaluating the sun factor