Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

Most of the forest garden products are outputs that are recycled back into and increasing the biomass of the forest garden.

With a bit of TLC and the right timing, there are a number of food crops as well as wood that can be harvested.  The TLC comes in studying the plant guild in which the crop is found and applying permaculture principles to make the yield better and improve the health of that plant guild. 

Crop sharing is your providing the TLC and recording what you do with photos and words that will go in the Garden Book.  Your share is 3/4 of the harvest and the RAGS share is your documentation of how the crop was cared for and what lessons were learned.

There is also crop sharing where you can plant a crop in one of the hugul kulture prepared beds and harvest your whole crop, providing the RAGS share with some labor, perhaps helping deal with some of the problem plants or maybe building new beds.

Contact me if you are interested.

Some of the edible crops:

Blackberry patches -- at least two good ones.

Gooseberry patches -- several good ones

Mulberries -- lots and lots and lots

Persimmons -- last year hardly any, usually lots and lots.

Native wild plum -- one extensive patch that needs rescuing from honeysuckle.