Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

The workshop: making or fixing things

It seems like every time I want to use one of the studios,  some preparation work needs to be done.  Sometimes the tools to do the work are fetched from this workshop, other times I do the work in the workshop.

I like to work with tools. In fact I sometimes think the only reason I've made something is so I could play with some tool or other. I wish I could say I'd been a conscientious tool collector, only getting the best quality and becoming skilled at using each one, but truth is there are only a few really good tools; most of the rest are usually good enough to get the job done.  I've become skilled with a few of the tools, and there are few floating around the shop that I've never figured out what they are for.

harvest of bush honeysuckle trunks

harvest of bush honeysuckle trunks

I'm positive these can be used to build something, just not sure what yet.