Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

All cultures throughout the world have some level of tradition that enables disputes to be resolved with a duel using swords  or some kind of individual weapon.  In Europe, the Code Duello evolved by the end of the 1800's into a sport that became one of the few Olympic events that have been in every games since the first modern one in 1896.  I fenced in college and for about 15 years after graduation, though the best I ever did was 2 touches against an Olympic level Sabre fencer, #2 in the country at the time.  

I enjoy teaching fencing to folks interested in learning or refining this skill. Related, but quite different, I also teach a Tai Chi Sword form and fire sword performance routines. Contact me for more information.

Photographing sport fencing is a challenge, since faces are hidden and the action is so fast that the tip of the sword is only blur even at a thousandth of a second.  Play or performance sword art usually involves interesting costumes as well as stylized sword play.  Contact me if you are interested in working with swords or if you need a sword type prop for a performance.