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Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

Creation Venues

Jan 2020:  major upgrades to all the indoor studios have been completed; minor art embellishments still in progress.  There will be an open house on a Sunday near the Spring Equinox and another one on the Summer solstice.  At present, only keeping up the google calendar and the facebook pages. 

Redwoodtwig Art Garden Studios are for teaching and learning various kinds of creation or performance skills or arts.

To the right are folders leading to information about some of the skills and arts I practice in these spaces.

Below are photographs and information about the studios, indoor and outdoor.

I am open to other uses of these spaces.  Contact me if you are interested in conducting workshops or training in these spaces.  Donation based.

Notes: There is some noise pollution drifting in from the highway or the neighbourhood, but mostly not very bothersome unless you are using very sensitive recording equipment.

There is a very healthy population of insects and plants.  Persons highly sensitive to pollen or insect bites need to take appropriate precautions when visiting the outdoor studios.  

Forest Studios

  • The Canopy studio

    This open space under a full forest canopy is nicely shaded all day long. However, lightbeams do illuminate some parts brightly when the sun is shinning bright.

  • Tai Chi retreat spot

    This area southwest of the upper pond is reasonably level and nicely shaded most of the day. The red flags are freshly planted native bushes.

  • Forest opening

    This cleared area is at the edge of an opening in the forest canopy.

  • the Guardian Pine is a vertical studio

    Not very many performance artists who visit can resist climbing up this one.

  • The forsythia cave

    The center part of this large forsythia is open and covered with a nice bed of wood chips. It's very impressive in bloom.

  • Bald cypress mint studio

    The mint is growing on the other side of the bald cypress where it's skirts touch the ground. A hammock will fit nicely between these two, and if there's any breeze at all, it quite pleasant in the shade here.

  • Barn area studio area

    This area just north of the barn is one of the most level spots on the property, pretty much the top of the hill. Currently not very useful as a studio area, unless a cage is desired. That's a former rabbitry built with dog pen panels.

open field studios

  • The upper pond play area

    This area slopes down toward the pond, but is level near the pond edge. It becomes saturated during heavy rains and remains wet and squishy for days after. The post in the middle is an old satellite dish stand. The open space under the trees behind the brush pile that will be moved is a level space, perhaps suitable for musicians playing for dancers by the pond.

  • The promanade studio

    This area is a nice flat and level stretch above the upper pond.

  • The big field studio

    This is a large field in which a 60 foot diameter circle centered on the fire pit gives plenty of room between it and the surrounding trees. It slopes gently down toward the corner where the camera is.

Indoor or covered studio spaces

  • The east deck

    The new part of the east deck is outside the studio and is narrow. The old deck is in serious need of a floor lift in the open part, and floor replacement under the roof.

  • The south deck.

    The south deck needs a new floor and will eventually be extended out to edge of the roof. It is pleasant most of the year, but a bit warmer in the summer than out under the trees.

  • Main Studio looking north

    Furniture is temporary while other room being worked on. Beach ball is prop used in Tai Chi lessons from time to time. Mirrors will cover most of the walls, eventually.