Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

Short form writing: 

Shoot Notes are photo galleries with a word section at the top and more detailed words under each image. Mostly these are more like how to tidbits than anything else, though sometimes a story creeps in.

Multimedia include video clips as well as words and perhaps photos.

Photos with words are single images and a related essay or story in the caption or embedded in the image.

Facebook pages:  Art, Garden and Tai Chi Chi Kung.

The Book project.

Working title: The perfectly balanced path: a travel guide to 42 stepping stones of the path of life.

This is a two part project. The first part is a deck of 42 cards that can be used much like a Tarot deck. The second part will be a detailed exploration of my research into the philosophy of daily living and explanation of the structure used to establish the 42 stepping stones. The second part will provide answers, or at least suggested answers to questions like these:

 Is it possible to accurately predict the future with regard to the consequences of my actions?

Can I learn how to be happy and fulfilled?

What role does religion and metaphysics play with regard to happiness and fulfillment?

What role does physical fitness and health play with regard to happiness and fulfillment?

I've enjoyed writing stories since I learned how to use my hands to make words with paper and pencil. I enjoy words and talking and thinking about words and what they mean. I suppose that makes me a philologist more than a philosopher, but they only offer degrees in philosophy.

As I move into my 69th year I realize I want to write more. Since this is now the age of the Internet, I also realize that plain old words on paper, a text only narrative, can be significantly enhanced with images, video, even audio. I also have come to realize that writing for an Internet audience requires much fewer words than one might find in a novel. In fact, most writing being "published" on the internet is at most a thousand or two words and all too frequently is just a combination of an image and a half dozen words presenting an unexamined pseudo intellectual statement.

A friend once told me to focus my photography and writing skills on creating memes, that memes are where it's at in the Internet world. From what I can tell, a meme is simply a depiction of a situation and usually a few words to provide a context to the situation, usually with a humorous aspect thrown in. Not all that different from a sound bite.

While it can be true that a picture is worth a thousand words, most of the time what I want to express is beyond those thousand words. Or more likely, only related to some aspect of the image. I am working on a book length work use images, video and even audio in parts.