Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

I have explored making long exposures of the light trails left by the many LED toys found in party and toy stores these days.  These are mostly self-shot images of myself doing a Tai Chi forms or moves with lighted swords or light in or on my hands.

These images present a work in progress.

Summer solstice, 2013

A short Tai Chuan form under a full moon.

Tai Chi Sword form

Five minute self portrait

Interfuse 2011: This five minute exposure was my art project listed in the calendar of events -- I was the only attendee, so I performed a complete Tai Chi Sword form, triggering the camera by remote control. I attached some magnet mounted LED lights along the sword's length and did the form at a moderately slow pace, a 32 or so posture form. I can only give myself at best a B+ for how well I did the form, even after practicing twice before taking the photograph.

Part the wild horse's mane

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