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Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

Photography is a special kind of visual art because it is always tied directly to a particular place and time the original photograph was taken.  Some photographs touch the heart by evoking emotions; other photographs touch the spirit by touching the connections to one's local environment (landscape) or showing people in real or artificial environments.

My photographic art is always tied to the specific place and time I took the picture. Sometimes the resulting image is timeless needing no title or caption. Most of the time when I finish with post processing and upload the basic edition to my fine art portfolio here, I provide a title or a caption.

Photographic Services offered

I am available by appointment for photographic commissions such as portrait, portfolio, boudoir, product, home and garden, video or other visual art commissions. My current projects include documenting the creation of the Art Garden, and using images and video to improve my Tai Chi forms.  

I generally do some kind of art oriented photo or video work near the full moon each month.  I'm always open to applying my visual art skills to someone else's concept or performance.  Contact me if you have an art project you would like to explore and collaborate on.  

If you are interested in a signed limited edition custom print or commercial use of an image, contact me.  I will make a limited edition custom print when you find an image and you want a large print made, but perhaps you want it a little darker or lighter or some kind of special treatment.  We exchange emails and negotiate until we have a custom edition of the image that meets your desires.

What is a fine art photograph?

A fine art photograph combines the technical and aesthetic skills of the photographer with the modeling skills of the subject being photographed to present a complete visual image. There is also always content, sometimes a "message" or "meaning", if only because the photograph was taken at a specific time, place and social context. That meaning might be timeless or trivial, mostly depends on the viewer, rather than the photographer.

The image files uploaded here are my final basic edition. Prints in a wide variety of media are available through this site for these basic edition images. My photo host, Smugmug, provides a very nice guarantee. However, in some cases, the image you want may need cropping to fit the size you want. The site provides a cropping mechanism to do that, but don't hesitate to contact me if you need help.

You may download the visible image for personal non-commercial use, though I would appreciate a link back and credit.