Mobiles - Redwoodtwig

Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

Dancing Mobiles

All of these will dance when given a good reason, such as a gentle breeze, a strong wind, an earthquake or a push or pull by a human hand.  Some move for gentle reasons, others require a fairly strong reason.  Some expect to live outside in the weather, while others prefer places without strong winds.

The the right is horizontal scroll summary of the ones currently hanging around the place.  the images come from the more or less official catalog.  Below are videos of a few that show their motions.

Since wood is abundant and mostly free for the harvesting, I use mostly wood pieces in these kinetic mobiles.  The quality and quantity of dancing done by these guys varies a lot, depending on the size and shape of the pieces, the connector hardware used and the strength of the breeze or other motion inducer.   Some of the bigger and heavier ones require a pretty stiff breeze to get into motion, but most of them move freely in multiple directions once the right strength breeze for that particular one is provided.  Or, a push or pull on one of the pieces.  Or an Earthquakes or nearby freight train.

Missouri Wood

The Dragon's Lair


Mobile 19

Wind chime

The shark

Leaves and feather 1

Mobile 29