Sculpture - Redwoodtwig

Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

I define sculpture and the making of something that has three dimensions, something physical that has no functional purpose but which is nonetheless worth viewing or even touching and handling.  It is also possible to make functional things which have an aesthetic perfection that goes along with technical perfection to make the thing art.  I've bought a few pieces of functional art over the years, but for myself, when I want functional I'm not all that picky about aesthetic considerations.  

I have worked with iron, mainly welding rod and small pieces of scrap. I've recently started working with wood. With wood, driftwood and root balls especially, I often find the piece already has enough sculptural work done by nature and all I need to do is clean things up a bit and mount them for viewing.

I like mounting these natural sculptures as mobiles, which have a harmonic whole both hanging still and in motion.   I use chains and hooks and a good coating of wood protection for the larger ones to hang outside and lighter construction for the smaller ones that include feathers and leaves and belong inside.   All of them can be set in motion by moving air -- some need a pretty stiff breeze, while others will dance in the room when someone talks loud enough.