Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

My performance art is more related to sport and dance than anything else.  In this section I present some of my meager achievements in this area.  I have photographed performance arts done by others much more than I have performed myself.

Performance art is any solo or group physical activity done for an audience. Some kinds of performances are done strictly for entertainment, such as dance, modeling, acting and so forth. Sometimes performances are done for education, such as when I make a video showing how to do a Tai Chi form or Chi Kung set.

There's no doubt in my mind that any kind of art, not just performance art, requires a healthy body. For that reason, I include sport type activities under performance art. Some sports are better for extending an enjoyable physical life, but any sport is better than none. The one thing that sport provides that sometimes makes a sport performance art is a set of rules, a framework within which the athlete performs. The other thing that sport provides is an excessive amount of emotional energy due to the desire to win. This can cause serious problems to the artistic presentation if the excess is not channeled into doing the performance rather than emoting at the opponent or partner.

Quite bit of my visual art is working with models and LED lights or fire. Sometimes I'm also the model working with LED lights and fire.   Mostly though, the best photos of my performances are by others, though I do sometimes use a tripod and a timer, and sometimes also an assistant.