Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

Frequently asked questions:

1.  Are your sculptures, prints and other art things for sale?    Sure, make me an outrageous offer.

2.  Are you conducting Tai Chi or other movement classes?  Not on a regular basis at this time, talk to me about private lessons.

3.  Can we camp back in your woods?  Maybe, talk to me about it.

4.  Can I let my dog run around without a leash.  Probably not, talk to me about it.

5.  How were you able to get a place like this?  Finding the place was luck; paying for it required 40 years of working for the man so that my retirement benefits can pay the mortgage.

6.  Are your studios available for rent?  Yes, talk to me about it.

7.  What about pollen count, ticks, poison ivy and the other hazards of the natural world?  Yes, there are plenty of natural hazards, but mostly you will be ok if you stay on the obvious trails.

8.  Are you available for photographic or video work?  Yes.  I have done portrait, boudoir, artistic and performance shoots as well as some video.  I can also provide beginning to intermediate level photographic training. Talk to me about your photographic needs.