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Have gotten a bit behind in posting here.  New stuff soon.

Bushes blooming by the deck

plants get along well

These two have been producing lots of flowers every year.

This is the home of the Redwoodtwig Art Garden Sanctuary Photo Journals and Art Store.  A great many of the photos on here are more important as a report on the evolution of the forest,  fields, and human activities that have been, are, and will be taking place here.  A few of these photos are what I consider 5 star quality as art prints, and if you agree, the print making facilities available here are top quality also.

I make an effort to provide keywords and captions for all the photos I post here, but a great many fell through the cracks, especially in the earlier years of loading images here.  This is not a photography site so much as it is a personal business that happens to include a great many photographs, many of which are for sale.  I still do shoots with models or anyone who wants portraits in the natural settings I have available or in my studio which is used daily for Taijiquan workouts.  

The many threads of my life are coalescing into the building, care, and establishment of an Art Garden Sanctuary within a legal structure that will, among other things, provide complete biographies of some of the trees here.  Looking around me whenever I leave the property, not at all these past few COVID-19 weeks, I see that most people have their own art garden sanctuaries.  Sometimes just the corner of a room, but the best ones always have a tree or two.  Of course a great many people think of their home as their castle.  In reality, very much the same thing, but in my mind the defensive nature of "my property" is more like the mothering nature of "my property."  Instead of control and direction, I want to see growth and thriving -- to a point.  Nope, poison ivy does not need to be growing in a sitting area reserved for humans...

Facebook, for all it's faults, is still a great platform for coordinating social and business events.  So that's where I make an effort to keep things up to date.    The trees have told me they are perfectly happy to have my reports and portraits of them several months or even years behind.  They have plenty of time.

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