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Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

This is a drainage pond with a fairly small drainage area, drains only an acre or two from the barn, house, and storage shed areas uphill.  It was built many years ago and most years dries up at some point, though some water remained all year this past year (2014).  It has a slightly warmer micro climate than farther up the hill due to the open water, and it quickly becomes covered with duck weed in warm weather.

At one point there was a snapping turtle hanging around there.  I'd not care to go wading barefoot, even though it is only about a foot deep in the middle.  Plus there are a lot of twigs and branches on top of the very thick mud.  At some point  in the next few years, could probably use some digging out.

In the meantime need to work out what nature is doing in this area given the surrounding trees and ground.  The pond edges seems to be particularly rich in diversity.

upper pond in late December

upper pond in late December

It is a bit warmer here than up near the house. There's about a 20 foot lower elevation, plus there's a spill way over the top so the cold air keeps going down hill. So the sun warms up this pocket nicely, 10' warmer often. It froze solid in 2013/2014 winter several times, once for a few weeks when the highs were around zero by the house and a bit warmer down here.

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