15.1 Mother Oak - Redwoodtwig

Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

Mother Oak gets a haircut

Bernie had been trained in California as an arborist and inspected her while he was working on the house. I was able to hire him to go up and give her a healthy haircut. It was magical to watch his dexterity, skill and attention to what he was doing.
The two things I learned from him that have stuck is first a general rule that when a tree is near something you don't want it to fall on, you want about two thirds of the above ground mass to be away from the house and only about one third of the big branches directly in line with the house or other thing you'd rather not have the tree fall on, eventually.
The second thing was that when trimming a downward growing branch, look for a twig up the branch that is growing up rather than down. Prune below the twig that's growing up.

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