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Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

Missouri river bottoms -- soy bean crop

Missouri river bottoms -- soy bean crop

Along most of the river in the central part of Missouri, there are large flat rich farm lands on one side or both sides of the river. These bottom lands are covered in water during very wet years, though not for very long. I'm sure the silt deposited during floods has plenty of good soil stuff in it, along with excess chemicals (fertilizer and pesticides) that had washed off fields up river. Looking at these extensive fields of soybeans here, corn in other places, one must admire the efficiency of this monocrop use of these bottom lands. The farmers may not be getting rich, but the harvests from large operations like this are a significant part of our GDP.

Since the river is navigable the US Army's Corps of Engineers has the mission of regulating it, or trying to. Flood control, releases of water and so forth. Balancing farmer needs with ecological and natural processes that periodic flooding enhances.

More than normal traffic on this day, as seen from the dust trails, but these trails are tiny compared to the dust raised by the huge machines used to harvest these crops.

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