Front yard and herb garden - Redwoodtwig

Brandon Smith (Redwoodtwig)

Half of a packet of wildflower mix from Burpee

Half of a packet of wildflower mix from Burpee

For this bed I first filled in the drainage channel with wood branches. Then used the mattock to remove about an inch off the top and piled it on the branches over the ditch. Then used the flat blade shovel to loosen another inch or two, not turning over, just making slots. Then stabbed at it with the spading fork to get some holes also about that deep. Then scattered some growing mix in a bag laying around and spread it around using a hand tilling fork. Tossed big chunks of clay mud into the ditch. Then a half inch or so of peat moss, tamped down.

Then, as the packet suggested, mixed seeds with sand and scattered about half of them over this area. Tamped down with hands and scattered a handful of peat moss over it, watered it and then gently laid the sunflower stalks over it for minimal mulch effect.

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