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The way through the woods

The way through the woods

Finding a way through the forest, one needs to carry one's owns burdens. If one happens to meet another traveler going same direction, someone with whom mutual dreams exist, well, great. But keep in mind that all the other travelers on the way have their own goals and their own paths to follow. If those paths happen to intersect or even merge for a while, that's also fine. And when the paths lead different ways, smile till we meet again.

However, never stay long on a path that is clearly heading the wrong way for you. When you come upon a choice of two or more ways to go, examine each direction not only with your eyes and all your physical senses, but also pursue the logic of each path with your mind and practical common sense, for somewhere between your wildest imagination and your most practical realistic appraisal of the choices, therein lies your spirit, your soul, the part of you that is most true.

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