Permacultured Art Garden and Tai Chi

Redwoodtwig Art Garden, Studio and School

LED swordL 100 seconds

Welcome to the home page of the Redwoodtwig Permacultured Art Garden, Art and Dance Studios, and Tai Chi Chuan School. My name is Brandon Smith and I wish to share with you my words and images about permaculture, Tai Chi, and art.

The mission of the Redwoodtwig Art Garden, Studio and School is to create and sustain a permaculture based forest garden with indoor and outdoor studio spaces in which to learn, teach, and create beauty in harmony with nature; and along the way to encourage nature to grow healthy and delicious food crops.

The Edible Art Forest Garden part of this site is about permaculture and the forest garden and getting to know the plants and animals that share the property with me.

The Tai Chi part of this site is about learning, teaching and doing movement arts and skills in harmony with nature.

The Photography part of this site contains my photographic products and services.  

Enjoy your visit and be sure to step outside soon and enjoy whatever nature is putting on display for you out there.

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