Redwoodtwig Art Garden Studios

Redwoodtwig Art Garden Studios (RAGS)

View from north east


Forest as sun sets

Forest as sun sets

The way through the forest,
neither strait nor straight,
twists, turns, narrows and widens,
pauses here and there,
which way to go now?

Many are the ways,many are the destinations.
There is no way to say
which destination this way goes to.

Finding my way through the forest,
burdened with whatever I carry,
I may meet a traveler upon the way,
whose way through the forest
is the same as mine, for a while.

Brandon Smith, 2013

About Redwoodtwig Art Garden Studios

Redwoodtwig is the Internet handle for Brandon Smith, a follower of Tai Chi Dao, a self-taught artist, and a learning permaculture gardener. He lives, works and plays in 10 acres of mostly forest in central Missouri. He has taken on a mission for himself with regard to those 10 acres (9.85 to be precise):

The mission of the Redwoodtwig Art Garden Studios is to create and sustain a permaculture based forest garden with indoor and outdoor studio spaces in which to learn, teach, and create beauty in harmony with nature; and along the way to encourage nature to grow healthy and delicious food crops.

This site contains four main sections:

The art section contains high quality photographs, some art and some more journalistic in nature, as well as photographs of original art pieces in and around the studios.

The garden section contains a lot of information about going about doing a permaculture design as well as on going reports concerning the furious activity going on in the forest (when slowed down enough to see it).

The Studios section is about the various physical activities taught by Brandon Smith, from Tai Chi forms through foil fencing and fox walking and nature observation.

The fourth section, Et Cetera,  has other things, usually in the form of a photo gallery blogs about a wide variety of subjects, including photography techniques, wood working projects, etc. An example is to the left of this box.

Enjoy your visit and be sure to step outside soon and enjoy whatever nature is putting on display for you out there.

disclaimer and privacy policy

Redwoodtwig photography, etc. is the registered LLC name at this point.