Permacultured Art Garden and Tai Chi

Redwoodtwig Art Garden Studios

LED swordL 100 seconds

The mission of the Redwoodtwig Art Garden Studios is to create and sustain a permaculture based forest garden with indoor and outdoor studio spaces in which to learn, teach, and create beauty in harmony with nature; and along the way to encourage nature to grow healthy and delicious food crops.

Welcome to the home page of RAGS!   Inside you will find many interesting images, observations, tips and opinions

about using permaculture principles in an art garden,

about creating visual art,

and about working with your mind, body and spirit to make and keep them healthy.  

Along the way there are tips and lessons learned about working with wood and metal for art or useful craft, about working with cameras and even about digging ditches.

Visit the store to see what products, items or services are currently available.  If you wish to be notified of upcoming events,  workshops or classes, please join the mailing list or like the facebook page.  If you wish to participate more fully in the RAGS saga, please consider a RAGS membership.

Enjoy your visit and be sure to step outside soon and enjoy whatever nature is putting on display for you out there.

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