Redwoodtwig Art Garden Studios

About Redwoodtwig Art Garden Studios (RAGS)

Redwoodtwig is the Internet handle for Brandon Smith, a follower of Tai Chi Dao, a self-taught artist, and a learning permaculture gardener. He lives, works and plays on 9.85 acres (3.99 hectares) of rural land in central Missouri. 

The mission of the Redwoodtwig Art Garden Studios is to create and sustain a permaculture based forest garden with indoor and outdoor studio spaces in which to learn, teach, and create beauty in harmony with nature; and along the way to encourage nature to grow healthy and delicious food crops. To practice, learn and teach the use of permaculture to create an edible forest garden; to practice, learn and teach Tai Chi Chuan and related movement arts; to practice, learn and teach making sculpture, performance and visual art; to practice, learn and teach the philosophy and practical skills of sustainable living.

This site contains four main sections:

Art contains images of artistic creations and performances by Brandon Smith.

Garden  is a journal about applying the principles of permaculture and ecological landscaping to create and sustain a healthy forest garden. 

Studios  is about the activities that take place in the studios:  practice, classes and workshops about Tai Chi forms, Chi Kung sets,  fencing,  fox walking,  photography, video, wood and metal work, repair, construction and more.  

Et Cetera includes photos of local events and work by other artists as well as the other standard website stuff such as contact information and privacy policy.  

Enjoy your online visit  to the RAGS site; but be sure to get up and step outside soon and enjoy whatever nature is putting on display for you out there.

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RAGS meditation: The Lonely Chair

The Lonely Chair

The lonely chair is a lesson in personal space as presented to us from the outside world. The chair is someone else's personal space in this kind of environment. In child mode, you look around you to see what you can learn about the world by observing things like this. The lonely chair is a sign that the event occurring at the time and place the photograph was taken is the kind where personal property like this is mostly respected. This is a peaceful event, people are getting along well. The other people in this immediate area who happen to notice the chair will be assuming that the owner will be coming back to reclaim it. They are honoring the personal space of another human being, even in this indirect manner of respecting ownership.

Now, over at the sword seller's booth, the owner may have to keep a sharp eye out for young men and women with sticky fingers, but mostly my impression was that the young people were mostly simply enjoying things sober. They were in child mode -- open to learn from the external world without too much judgement ruining the joyful colors of a beautiful spring day in the park.

24 April 2016, Peace Park, Columbia, Missouri

Redwoodtwig photography, etc. is the registered LLC name at this point.